It shouldn't be a secret. You'd like to be a BI. You know what you should do. You like to fall in love instead of worrying about gender. What you love is that you are connected to others at a personal level, not a sexual act, and you are almost unlimited in love with the person you like. You like that wonderful feeling. You like every part of your body that is bi.
You like BI, it's not a mess for you. You love what you always look like, and it's always the way you want to be. Are you bi people willing to come out as gay? You don't like someone who wants to turn you into a person you don't like.
You like a lot of people like you in the LGBT community, more than 52% of you are the same as you. You like that you have a similar pain in statistics. Other people may have the same problem with you. Others may have similar mental health problems with you and you want them to understand you. You like to find an online group or a real life group, where you can share these misfortunes with people who know exactly how you feel. You also like to share with those people your excitement about BI and find other people like you. 99
You like to see the expression of BI in the LGBT pride parade and festival. You like to watch the flower cart drive slowly, and with the dance, the happy Bi people shake hands and cheers "the pride of happiness"! "You like to see most of those homosexual pride parades are BI people, they are visible to you."
You like to see the representative of BI in the media. You like someone appearing on your favorite programs, movies, novels, or comic books. Maybe they are even your favorite characters. You like that! You like the diversity of bisexuality in the media. You love everyone to be unique, each person has its own personality and quirks, and you like them to join together through a common bond.
You like to open your own bisexuality. When you talk about the relationship between you and the same sex, you love your life without worry. You like people who are interested in your relationship and encourage you when things become difficult. All the people you love have your back. You like to work, do something safe and not be harassed.
You like you can get married as a BI. A man, a woman, a non binary man, anyone. You love your marriage to be recognized everywhere. You like to walk or travel with your other half in any place, hand in hand, people often watch you smile because they love you. You can not only be monogamy, but you can have a lot of love and even polyfidelitous if you want to. You like you have a lot of romantic and intimate choices.
You like yourself to have a label that helps you know others, just like yourself. Find your community. You love you in a lot of ways to describe your sexual behavior. Many aspects. You love, no one can tell you how to identify, no one cares; it depends on you. The freedom you love is that you make your Bi fluid very bright, like the sun at noon.
Sometimes, a better world for yourself and BIS around the world can give you the hope you need and the determination to make a great change. Sometimes, dreaming of a better world and sharing your dreams will affect the best and smartest people of our global family. Don't forget that you have a global family. Reach out to them to know that you are loved by them. In this world, there are a lot of people who care about you very much. They bless you and hope that you are successful in your life. They are filling in for you, your beautiful person. You can join a bisexual chat room. You'll love it!