The New Year is finally here. I would like to put my New Year’s wishes for my bisexuality in 2018. And I call it “bi new year’s resolutions,” that means I have some plans to further embrace my love, careers, and feel more comfortable with my bisexual identity.In another word, these plans may also ways to help you to be more bi the same as me. I promise if you read the details there’s not a few benefits you may get.

Say bisexual aloud more
How many times you’ve been a ‘Silent bisexual’ in front of people? I’ve been as a silent for long for the last 10 years since I identify my own identity. I don’t know what other people deal with it, for few of them, maybe everyday, for others, not so often. I believe that as long as you say your identities aloud, you will embrace them more fully. When we make it, it allow us to feel more pride of who we are. What’s more, the more you show your bisexuality, the more you’ll meet more people who are bi too.

Get rid of your bewilderment
Many times you may face the challenge of your confusion, hesitation about “bisexual”. I firmly believe that sexual desire is not stagnant. This is a trip, regardless of your own sexual orientation. Sometimes you feel what you want from the queer community, your relationships and your own body. Sometimes, you may be unsure. That doesn't mean you're confused. This means that you are exploring. You are counting yourself. When we say we are confused, we often start to feel powerless. If we change our view of uncertainty, and think, "I'm not sure what I want," but I am very excited to find that this makes us a place of power. In such a place, we feel that we can control our identity, not chaos.

Protect your identity from others
When I first came out for bisexuality, I was very nervous to correct the homosexual or heterosexual labels they had attached to me. I don't want to be "that guy," he destroyed every joke or someone who knew I was bisexual, but just unintentionally called me homosexual. But, for my own happiness, I was 100% of that man. I have politely corrected everyone - if they call me homosexual or heterosexual, I don't applaud. At that time, that was what I needed, because I was still embracing my sexual identity.

Meet more bi+ people in your circle  
There may be so much people think it’s really difficult. I can say Google, find the BI group and the event (I say so). You should do that!) But do you know what's the best way for me to know two people? Talk about how I meet my new friends. I was always surprised by how many people said to me, "yes, I think I'm a little different, too." These men and women have sex and have a variety of sex, but they do not fully accept the BI label. They won't broadcast everywhere like me. But when I told them that I was the first, they were happy to discuss their attractiveness to a variety of sexes.

Try more for your new label
Well, you still have some worries about bisexuality for so long. It's nothing. You do yourself! I am sure, Bi, and queer and pan (because I was all sex appeal). However, my first choice is not bisexuality or homosexuality. Those are the words that I feel most comfortable. These words allow me to embrace my most perfect life. Don't be afraid to try new labels. Although the label may be the worst - no one likes to be placed in a box - they can also provide some clarity. They can give us strength. So if you think the label has failed in 2017, maybe it's time to change the label to 2018.