The scene is set at a house party where Aileen is timid to come out to her family, Her flaws are easily exposed to the sun. Aileen's family was Catholic, they have very strict rules. Unlike the pious parents, Aileen was not so serious about her own belief from childhood. Aileen hated the stereotyped dogma. In her middle school, she came into contact with a bi chat room on the Internet. Curious about the new thing, let her pretend to be a bisexual and chat with other people in the chat room. As a jewel was excavated from the earth, she reacquainted her identity as a new identity she had never known. you
Aileen felt that she had never been so free in the Bi community, but was distressed at home.When her parents together with prayer, she felt like a bird in a cage, chained dog, aquarium fish. But she wouldn't say it, she knew the consequences of that, so she had to be careful not to reveal any flaws. With the increase of age, Aileen is more and more not satisfied with ordinary communication. She wants to have a romantic date with beautiful girls or handsome boys. She even wants to experience a kiss, hug, or closer contact with them.
Then Aileen sent an invitation to the people in the chat room for a date. Who will refuse such a lively and lovely lady? A lot of people responded to her invitation: single Bi men, single bi women, bi couples, even some bi curious. Dating is good, but things are not smooth. Aileen's parents quickly found Aileen's abnormality: her pocket money spent very fast, she always looked at the information with her cell phone, and she had an indescribable smile. Aileen was aware of that, and she had a premonition that a storm would soon emerge in her house.
I was surprised by Aileen's final choice of a bi man. I asked her if she chose the opposite sex as her partner, is it necessary to label herself with a bisexual label? Aileen's answer is: why not? In her view, although she chose the opposite sex as her partner, she was still bisexual. She can make her own opinion, whether it is a subject of homosexuality or heterosexuality. She can choose to watch bisexual related movies and TV programs without having to ask anyone. It's very important for her, and she won't deny it. Although the current situation is that Aileen is not out of the cabinet, but as a bisexual person, I will not say anything, and do not know what to say. We all live in the boundaries of our own. If you feel happy in it, you are free.