I’ve come out as bisexual for many years, which makes my life both interesting and frustrating for a variety of reasons. My polyamorous urged me to seek out partners nonstop in the past years, such as 3some dating, but I never treat my partner at random. I encourage all my partners to build actively and healthy relationships cause I already have that, and one of the reason that all my efforts are in vain because my area is surrounded by the special culture of women.

Recently, I gradually realized that my small city, my brand is far from my standard. I haven't met many people, they even have rich lifestyles, but I always prefer to open that door for people, because I believe that for most people, this is healthier than a single way of life. This is just my personal belief. 3p

Many times, when I talked with a potential partner, I was excited to find that they had a stable relationship. Their current partners were passionate about their search for new partners. Recently, I've been looking for another woman to have a major male partner. I was also forced to know that when their partners said they were "Okay", they meant that if they could get anything from them, they could accept this interaction. I'm not here to judge the way anyone chooses to live, not, but I'm not here to entertain my girlfriend's boyfriend. That's not for me.

To be honest, I don't know why so many heterosexual men seem to have fantasies about 3some dating. So I'd like to say something controversial. 3some is not wrong, and in its nature, it is better than the nature of the two. In fact, it's usually a mess, and it needs everyone to be comfortable with others, and it's more difficult for everyone to have a satisfactory experience. Yes, some people like it. I'm a member of them. I'm very advocating your own sexual orientation and finding a way for you to fit you. This is perfectly acceptable in my dictionary. I will never humiliate anyone because of their illusions, but you should not manipulate your girlfriend and her attraction to other women to get what you want.

I don't want to see people using their partners as chips to get, because it's anything that involves unhealthy. All sexual contacts need to be agreed, and only if all the information is given honestly, it can be agreed. If a person's fantasy is the only reason that you are multiplying, then I suggest sitting your partner, talking to them, thinking about 3P. Discuss your fantasies, your fears, your hopes, not playing games, and hope you can "cheat" your girlfriend for three. The latter approach often ends with heartbreak and anger.