When bi women come out to their family and friends, they hope their feelings and concerns could be understand. But guess what? The probability of this situation is usually as low as the lottery first prize. All sorts of odd questions will come to you such as “Are you kidding me?””OK, and you actually a lesbian?”¬†“That’s amazing! Which gender do you like now, male or female?”In order to study this problem better, we have made a summary of the following.

An unending request for a date, two or threesome
According to my experience, when you bisexual women try to come out as bi, most of the singles around you may ask you for a date request. No matter online and offline,girl if only you have a little will to find a relationship, you’ll get innumerable messages. That sounds good? No, they may mostly think it’s easier to have a one night stand with you bisexuals. We do love man & woman, but never means we all like threesome or one night stands. It doesn't means we will date with man & woman at the same time.

When youre rejected by the lesbian for you may been with men soon or later
Will it’s true there is a stereotyped impression that bisexuals won’t be with one person forever, they would leave eventually. But we should know it’s the same for bisexuals and straight or any other people. No more or no less for all groups. So if lesbians say they won't date with u, u can find way to let them know more about u instead of just simply treating u as straight.

Being Considered a Cheater
People who has little sense of bisexual may consider us as cheaters when they know your bisexuality. This is another awkward situation when u come out. We may try our best to explain our sexuality & told them that just loving both man & woman doesn't mean we cheat our partner. If we keep a certain relationship with someone, we mean it and we will never betray our company for other people.

When U and Your Boyfriend Check Out Hot Girls Together
Another awkward situation is that u and your boyfriend check out hot girls together. U may feel jealous when u saw your boy friend seeking photos of other hot girls while u may also wanna seeking photos of other hot girls!! This is one thing that only bisexual people could understand.

When You Get Asked If Youre a Non Practicing Bisexual
When people find you’ve come out as bi and try to find a match via bars, bi clubs, bisexual dating sites. They may query your purpose. Are you greedy in sex? Absolutely not. When you get into this awkward situation, you should declare your identity seriously and raise your middle finger.