We do need more bi chat rooms now for the rapid rise in number of members. Bisexuals outnumber gay people in UK. And bisexuality spreading like wildfire across the United Kingdom.You can check the result from a recent YouGov poll, HALF, the young adults(ages from 18 to 24) in Britain, only 51% of them identify as straight, 6% chose homosexual,and another 43% stand along the bisexual spectrum between the former.


It's a common scene, and many bisexual friends tend to be private and unobtrusive, even after they come out. But this has changed in the last ten years, especially when young people are increasingly expressing their ideas and demands. As far as the network is concerned, a lot of LGBT space is dominated by monosexual people, which is not suitable for our bisexual development. So we Bi people need Bi centered spaces, and not just online, but also in the real world. In fact, a lot of us are Bi-curious, they are always easy to be dizzy and confused by gay or straight culture, if they really immersed in the Bi culture, I believe they will feel awesome just like at home in the bi rooms.

We can talk more about things in the real world. Whether my friend or my own, we all want to have a place of ourselves in the real world to provide us professional bisexual dating, parties, 3some dating or what other activities. But no one seems would like to do that, and what I see is most of my friends used to go to some gay bars or attending mainstream heterosexual dating. It makes me feel like we are not recognized as a group of people, and lack of a sense of belonging.

Katie showed unusual perception at an early age, she was my tutor on my way to recognized that I am a bi. Meanwhile, it’s she invited me to join a social club called weBi in Seattle. I realized the necessary of bi centered community, and I almost feel that the air so soft than ever. In another word, I’m not curious forever and I can live free with both my feet frankly in my openly bi life every day.

I can enjoy all kinds of bisexual dating, looking for the suitable bi singles, bi couples, even bisexual curious. Experiencing different sexual mysteries, and of course, I would like more people to come to our collective.